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The explosion. At the end of the

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From the Armageddon. Corporal Valdez's distorted face grimaced from apartamente de vanzare bucuresti behind the windshield. The sickbay was also located on B Deck, so Venice had only a short walk. Dr. Freebody, the Excalibur's only physician, was site here older than most of the other ship's officers, but did very good work. Peering into the medical bay, Venice didn't see him at first, then as she moved through the hospital toward the lab, she saw that he was looking at a slide under a stereoscope. Venice cleared her throat and waited. Ah, yes, our Major Dylenski. Fell off a cliff or something like that. Something like that. Can't be too bad, if you can wait until the next day, he commented, then chuckled to himself and gestured her toward an examination table. As Venice took her place on the table he attached sensor bands to her left arm and her chest. Immediately, a long list of vital signs, including respiration rate, pulse, temperature, metabolic rate, and blood pressure showed behind her on a screen. Doc glanced at the readings, then moved away seemingly without a destination, wandering around the room, before pausing at his desk. He picked up an old-fashioned bound medical text which decorated the desk and dropped it to the deck with a splat. The figures behind Venice jumped quickly into red zones then began to drift back toward normal. Doc examined the numbers again, squinting a bit because of the distance. He came back to her and took her hands in his, examining the swollen and bruised flesh. Removing the sensors, he gestured for her to rise from the table. Any other damage, bruises or ses? he asked. No, sir, nothing to complain about, she responded. You didn't complain about your hands either, he mused. Turning back toward the desk he clicked the com for his nurse. Take off your clothes, Major. I want see if you injured anything else. The abrupt command could have been offensive, bucuresti had it come from someone else, but Venice knew him well enough to realize that he wanted to see if she needed further treatment. He left the exam room, lab coat swishing. While Venice undressed, folding her uniform, Pat McPherson responded to the com call. As she entered, she handed Venice a thin gown that opened in the back. When Venice had returned to the exam table, Doc returned. With a professional detachment the he examined her splendid body, noting some lacerations on her back and bruises on her thighs. You can get dressed now, Dylenski. He punched in his report to the captain as she donned her uniform once again. Pat didn't speak but nodded as she left, leaving Venice to stand waiting, as the doctor finished. Major, I don't have to tell you that you have a pair of mighty sore hands, you know it. There is no serious damage anywhere. You are fit for duty, and I have apartamente de vanzare bucuresti informed the captain of that. However, I can tell you that you are too tense. You're like a highly strung wire and every stress makes it worse. It's time that you realized that apartamente de vanzare bucuresti nothing depends on you and you alone. Don't be sloppy of course, but quit worrying so much. If you're not perfect all the time, well, you can join up with the rest of the human race. The only people who don't make mistakes are the ones who aren't breathing. Venice smiled, but made no comment. Get some rec time, try to work off your frustrations. I know you train with your fellow Marines, but you need to get your mind off

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